Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Wonderful Fish Meal at Ahavat HaYam

Last night I again found myself at Ahavat HaYam, which is an excellent, full meal fish restaurant. I had been there a few weeks ago for lunch with friends, and although I did take some photos, I hadn't gotten to write up a review. So this time I'm not procrastinating.

Ahavat HaYam has its good points and bad ones, too. I'll start with the negative, since it may mean that you can't get in.  The restaurant is on the upper floor of the gas station across from Gan Sacher, a large park in Jerusalem, near Binyanei Ha'uma and the center of town. I only saw stairs, so handicapped accessible it isn't.

If access isn't a problem for you, Ahavat HaYam is a wonderful fish restaurant. Don't let the gas station turn you off.

Once you walk in and see the large space, including a glassed in room for special events, you'll know that this isn't your ordinary restaurant.

As soon as I sat down, even before ordering, they brought out an amazing selection of scrumptious salads, like in the best of the Jerusalem grills.

There's a wide choice of fish meals, fried or grilled, and I stress the word "meals," since I didn't notice an ala carte option. You get the Israeli salads, fish of your choice with either potatoes or a fresh salad, plus dessert.

After taking away the potatoes, I covered my fish with salad. 
I definitely recommend Ahavat HaYam . Enjoy!

name:Ahavat Hayam
address:Shderot Ben Zvi 11 Jerusalem
opening hours:Sunday - Thursday 12:00 - 24:00
Saturday after the Sabbath - 24:00
food type:Events, Fish, Homey, Lactic
service language:אנגלית [English], עברית [Hebrew]
site:Ahavat Hayam
kosher: Mehadrin, Rabanut [Milk]

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