Friday, September 11, 2015

Greetings for the New Jewish Year, 5776!

Gd willing this new upcoming year will be a wonderful one for all of you and the Jewish People and the State of Israel and thereby the entire world.

May the people in power be gifted with true wisdom, both the politicians and the media...

May we all learn how to put things in the right proportions and not get all hassled by irrelevant stuff.

May procrastination and overeating be a thing of the past...

I hope you like my "Fruit Heads," I put one together every year instead of serving a fish head or sheep head or whatever most other people do for Rosh Shanna. These fruit heads are from previous years; it's too early to do one for this year. I wait until the last minute, so it will stay fresh and perky throughout the two day Holiday. 

There's the growing tradition to make up lots of punned blessings to expand on the classics:
  • יהי רצון Be a head not a tail. (Said over the "head" on the table.)
  • יהי רצון Have a sweet year, (Said over the apple dipped in honey.) 
What are your favorites or new ones? I invented a new one for this year:
  • יהי רצון that we learn to grin and "beer" it. 
Yes, I bought some beer for that one!

Serving Beer at the Amber Beer Tasting at Doug's. Photo by Mike Horton
Shanna Tovah uMetukah!
Have a Good and Sweet Year!!


AMJ said...

Love the apple idea! Can we borrow it?! Much more appealing than a sheep's head and we don't do a fish head since one of mine decided he like to eat the eyes.... Yes, they are edible, but EWWWWW!!!! To grin and "beer" it is also a great bracha and a great add on!

Thanks for a thought provoking year of reading material and may you have a "Shana Tova Umetukah!"


Batya Medad said...

Of course you can make fruit heads. It's a good project for the kids especially if you make it full of yehi ratzon food and then eat it during the meal. (Please send me photos before they are all eaten up.) Glad you like my new one.