Friday, September 18, 2015

Family Resemblences

My mother was a great beauty, and no matter what you think about my looks, I've never looked anything like my mother. I resemble my father without a doubt, and they weren't one of those couples who looked alike or grew to look alike.

Though, over the years I've noticed that from a certain angle, when I'm "thin" I do resemble her in a way. Look at these two pictures and tell me what you think:

There's something in the bone structure, chin and cheekbones, though our features and actual shape of face are totally different. Or am I just dreaming...?


Chaya said...

There is definitely a resemblance, especially the mouth. I believe you look more like your mom than you think :-)

Batya Medad said...

Of all the pictures I have of me and my mother, Chaya, these are probably the only two that show a physical resemblance.