Thursday, September 03, 2015

B"H, A Miracle!

In this post is a haiku of thankfulness to Gd.  I had actually written this in a couple of versions on facebook when I got home last night.

Today I didn't really shop much in Rami Levy but had bulky stuff, because we got the holiday gifts (which I'll give to one of my kids.) I was wondering how I'd tremp home, since with all my stuff it wouldn't fit on my lap. And then the friend who usually takes me to Ofra had to shop, so I said:
"I'm going to the bus stop and if I get a ride, I won't be there."
I really didn't know what to do, since the bus gets to Shaar Binyamin about 9:36pm, and it was over ten minutes later. But I trudged and prayed. Just as I was almost there, I saw a bus approaching, and it looked like a bulletproof one. Then I saw it was the 461, my bus (the one to my neighborhood) so I flew and it waited for me and took me home.
A real miracle
bus was late, so I caught it
Gd is truly great!
I think the driver thought I was nuts when I asked:
"You're late especially because of me, so I can get a ride home? Right?"
The driver may not have understood, but I have no doubt that this was a great gift from Gd to me, and he was the tool.

the 461 going up to my neighborhood


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how someone else's annoyance can be our saving grace isn't?! Hashem always has a plan, we just don't always like it! But on the days it works in our favour isn't it wonderful?!


Batya Medad said...


Miriam said...

Bayta, the fact that I'm breathing and functioning and getting ready for the chagim is a real miracle


Batya Medad said...

Amen, for sure, B"H!