Thursday, March 29, 2018

Pre-Passover Custom

Eat a falafel.

Most years we eat falafel after doing  Bedikat Chametz, the religious ceremony during which the house is searched for any drop of the forbidden  chametz. And in order to find chametz, some bagged chametz is hidden in various corners.

This year I changed the custom, the schedule. Tonight is Bedikat Chametz.  Even though we're not making a Seder, and I don't have lots of cooking, we're turning the kitchen kosher for Passover early, this morning. And since my husband is retired, he won't be going to Jerusalem today. And since we've already started with Daylight Savings Time, it will be past my dinner time when we finally finish Bedikat Chametz.

So, I asked him to bring me a felafel yesterday. It tasted OK. I think that the last time I ate one was pre-Pesach last year.


mikimi said...

With all our dietary changes many of us adults decide to make as we age; for me , also included is my weight loss surgery dietary needs, I rarely eat felafel. It is not a food I eat often or crave... except for the week before Pesach when I seem have a craving for a felafel, It's like my once a year minhag/custom.
However this year I never made it up to town before Pesach.

Batya Medad said...

There were many years when they were sold here in Shiloh, but this year none. There's now a pizza store that didn't bother with felafel. Maybe you should have a post Pesach felafel...