Sunday, March 04, 2018

Oy, Nobody's Immune

I had great plans for tonight. It was a chance to mark off yet another dream from my Bucket List. I was going to audition to be in a play. I don't think I had been in a play since some Hebrew School Purim play in the Oakland Jewish Center, Bayside, NY, when I was about eleven. I had a small role  which included a solo sung to Queen Esther, which had words something like:
"Oh, Ester lovely queen
Go pray before your king
and plead our Jewish cause
... cruel Haman's Laws"
The Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem will be putting on a play in a few months, “HIDDEN – The Secret Jews of Spain."

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And I was hoping to be in it. OK, just a small role, but now it doesn't look like a good idea. So, I canceled my audition slot.

Why? You're probably wondering. The truth is that my hip has been giving me trouble, so I'm afraid to commit and wary about having to dance to choreography not suited to my body. Too much standing isn't good for me either. In addition, the traveling isn't easy, but I would have made that work. Maybe they'll let me get involved later on, in a way that would allow me to get on stage for the finale, all costumed and sing with everyone... Gd willing.

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