Thursday, March 08, 2018

A Bit of Humor in South Jerusalem

A couple of nights ago I went to another event of Anglos of South Jerusalem. This time is was comedy. Olim to Olim, immigrants to immigrants, stand-up by Liami Lawrence, Joel Haber, Hani Skutch and Benji Lovitt.

Except for Hani Skutch's routine, everyone concentrated their stand-up on the immigrant experience, sometimes even asking us the same questions from us. I think we were a tough audience for them, since they were young enough to be our kids. The audience was mostly retirement age plus.

Benji Lovitt, Joel Haber, Hani Skutch and Liami Lawrence
Regardless, it was a very entertaining and pleasant evening. I have a lot of friends who live in "South Jerusalem, and it was nice to get out together. There's a good chance we'll go again sometime to one of the activities of Anglos of South Jerusalem. They're really nice about not keeping out people like me, who not only don't live in South Jerusalem, but I don't live in Jerusalem at all. So, you should check out what is scheduled.
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