Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem #33, New Public Toilets Downtown

This is a continuation in my ongoing series about public toilets in Jerusalem. See #32,  #31#30#29#28#27#26#25#24,  #23#22#21#20#19#18#17#16#15a#15#14#13#12#11#10#9#8#7, #6#5, Saved by The First Station aka #4a#4#3#2 and #1.

I was happily surprised to discover a new prefabricated public toilet building on Rechov Yaffo near Kikar Davidka. That area has long been in need of a WC 00 or whatever you want to call it.

Though I wasn't in need of the facilities, this intrepid journalist bravely opened the door to the "ladies room." After I recovered from the strong smell of urine plus, I quickly surveyed and photographed it.

Thankfully, there was lots of soap in the dispenser, and I could even see toilet paper. Obviously, whoever is supposed to be cleaning it should arrive to work more frequently and with sanitizing detergent. But if one is in need of such facilities, soap and toilet paper are definite necessities. 

I was rather surprised and upset to see that the handicapped stall is part of the men's room. If a woman is in need, she'd have to have someone with her to make sure no urinal or man is there. There should have been a third door, special for the handicapped stall.
It's possible that placing the handicapped in the men's section was because the area of land is too small for a larger prefabricated public toilet. If that is the case, then I'd have preferred a "unisex" public toilet like the one in the First Station. Men and women use it, and there's a handicapped stall. Of course there isn't a urinal, which shouldn't be a problem, since homes don't have them.

Again, I'd like to thank the Jerusalem Municipality for adding these public toilets to an area of downtown Jerusalem, which had been needing them.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know, thanks.


rutimizrachi said...

Thank you, as always, for keeping us apprised of these important developments. When you get to my age, the FIRST thing you want to know is "Where are the facilities?"!

Batya said...

Ruti, thanks for the support. Age-wise I'm ahead of you, so especially since I live well out of Jerusalem, I've made the WC guide my specialty.