Sunday, August 14, 2022

Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem #35 Pleasant Surprise at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station

This is a continuation in my ongoing series about public toilets in Jerusalem. Your input is very welcome, thanks.

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Early this afternoon, after a roundabout walk through the Romema neighborhood to order accessories and furnishings for our major bathroom/showers plus renovations, I calculated that I had plenty of time for the "loo," aka WC or public toilets quickly entered the "side/secondary entrance" of the Central Bus Station. If you're coming from the direction of Sarei Yisrael Street or Machane Yehuda Market, it's the first door you reach, and it takes you to the floor with the "food court," lots of small restaurants and Israeli style fast food places.

It had been years since I entered through that doorway, but I needed to get out of the sun and had no idea what was new in terms of the building's loos. In recent years management has been fixing them up, but I definitely don't remember one near that door. 

Good news! After passing those shoes for sale, I looked up on the right and saw the sign with the very welcome icon, which you can see higher up on the page.

I checked for a machine that takes entrance money, since the public toilets in the bus station had always cost a bit. No sign of one. Very tentatively, I pushed the revolving door, and it moved freely, so I entered for free. Men to the left and women to the right, no foul odor. There was a cleaning crew and even toilet paper (not grade A) and soap. I didn't take any photos, since there were too many people around.

Glad to share the good news.


Shoshana (Victoria) Raun said...

This is very good news. I didn't mind paying so much but really minded paying for a dirty restroom that lacked basic supplies. Although the Jerusalem CBS restrooms always seemed better than the TLV CBS restrooms, which I always considered the best reason for taking the train!
Great series, and it's really helpful!

Anonymous said...

That bathroom was disgusting when we went to use it a few months ago. Utterly disgusting. Why go in there when center 1 is right nearby?

Batya said...

Shoshana, glad you enjoy the series. I haven't been to Tel Aviv for years and can't remember ever being in that bus station.
a, after my chores in Romema, it was the first doorway in, so I figured I'd just search. Center 1 would have required more walking and would have made it to "iffy" in terms of catching my bus. Plus, I've had some unpleasant experiences there, too. This new CBS one seems to be a popular WC.