Friday, August 12, 2005

most beautiful part of last night's anti-Disengagement Demonstration in Tel Aviv

It's almost Shabbat, but before I forget I must tell you about the most wonderful and moving part of last night's anti-Disengagement Demonstration in Tel Aviv.

I started walking towards "Reading," where the buses were parked and waiting, close to the end. I had just heard my neighbor, Tamar Keinan, brother of Avihu who was killed in a badly planned army action almost two years ago. Their father initiated the "walks" or marches to Jerusalem during Succot. Well Tamar spoke beautifully, representing the bereaved siblings.

As I was walking down one of Tel Aviv's main streets, Ibn Gvirol, and lots of other demonstrators were also walking. It was definitely an important part of the demonstration. We had also marched, as a long line, hundreds, thousands, when we arrived.

We could still hear the speakers. Then the demonstration ended with the singing of Hatikvah, Israel's National anthem. Suddenly, within seconds, everyone stood still, at attention, and we all sang together.

Shabbat Shalom and Tzom Kal, since before Shabbat is even over the Fast of Tisha (the 9th) of Av begins. It's in mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temples thousands of years ago, and now it's also to beg G-d to have mercy on us and our precious Land.


Esther said...

Sounds like it was incredible!

muse said...

even more