Monday, February 27, 2006

finished, sort of

I finally finished the dishes and giant pots from Shabbat, but there's still laundry and cleaning and...
by the time I do finish, I'll have to start all over again for next week!


wendy said...

I am avoiding our Sabbath clean up. In a bit I will have to get off the computer and get laundry and dishes started up again.

Rachel Ann said...


Can you please come and help me?
Yes we are done with Shabbat, but then more dishes arrive and more laundry arrived and well, I think some of your stuff must have migrated here because the four of us couldn't have caused all that!

muse said...

There are still baloons all over the floor and the toys and dirt, and I ought to take the extra cooked chicken out of the freezer.

I'm a horrendous housekeeper.