Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sibling Rivalry

Some people think that sibling rivalry is normal and expected and benign. This article from the New York Times puts it in a different light.

Apparently, in some cases there is dangerous violence, and even if there aren't any physical effects, the emotional scars are eternal.

I don't remember my own kids fighting, ok, except for the time when both boys wanted the scissors, and the elder one grabbed and cut himself. Then I rushed him to the neighborhood doctor, leaving the younger one home alone, and when we were across the street at the doctor, there was lightening and the electricity went out in the neighborhood. Then one of my daughters, older than the boys, got home and was horrified that I'd left her little brother home without electricity, but there was electricity when I left.

And then I had to wait with the injured one for the bus to arrive with my husband, and tell him that he wasn't getting off, since he had to take the young man to the emergency ward for stitches.

Thank G-d it wasn't serious. Any parent will tell you that these things happen. And now, they're all best friends. I don't exaggerate about that, thank G-d.


wendy said...

Ouch! That makes me a little sick just thinking about it. Thank you for the reminder about pictures - you are right.

Batya said...

One can never be too careful.