Thursday, February 16, 2006

snow, no

Just in case you're curious, it didn't snow here. The media hyped it, and I 'm sure lots of kids didn't get up for school. And considering the professionalism and morals of the Israeli media, I still say that they were working "hand in glove" with the workers who make big money on " snow alert." There may well be even "snow alert" for the media, extra overtime for photographers, etc.

Considering the yahoo weather report, which gave temperatures way too high for snow and only mentioned rain, it's hard to believe that it was just an "innocent mistake" on the part of the Israeli media.


wendy said...

I remember the one time that is snowed on us when we lived in CA. Just a few snow flakes that didn't even stick around, but it was a big deal. I bet the kids who heard the weather report were sad!

We have plenty of snow here.

muse said...

Every few years there is "real" snow in Jerusalem, enough to need expensive plows etc, but it's not really cost effective to buy the equipment. but of course the city has them, and therefore for even the slightest chance they'll be needed the crews go on expensive alert...