Thursday, February 16, 2006

calcium? teflon? red grapefruit?

Let's pretend this is some sort of reading comprehension test. Look at the title. What do the words have in common? Which is the word that's different?


red grapefruit

OK, did you read the links? Did you guess right?

Now, the latest in health news is that those calcium pills that so many women my age and older take may not really be worth it. There's a chart illustrating the article that shows that the best source of Vitamin D is sunshine. And if you're taking the supplements, and because so many foods have them people don't even realize they're taking them, you had better be checked for kidney stones.

Red grapefruit has more health benefits than white grapefruit, especially in lowering cholesterol and preventing heart trouble. The only problem is that for some reason it interacts badly with certain medications, so anyone on medication must consult with his or her doctor.

And Teflon, no great surprise to hear that there are components that can cause cancer.

So what's recommended? Have your grapefruit outside in the sun, but not too much sun. We don't want skin cancer, do we? And throw your Teflon pans away. I've always preferred good stainless steel. Remember that the body produces cholesterol, if you don't consume enough of it.

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