Sunday, February 05, 2006

Whether weather, or not?

I'd really like a constant weather report on my toolbar. For awhile, I had the weather bimbo up here, on me-ander, but she didn't have a Jerusalem weather report and spent her time waving a flag. As a said, she was a real bimbo.

There's some sort of yahoo option, but yahoo is the worst of spyware, from what I understand. It's bad enough that I use the email, but to have a yahoo spy on my computer, recording and reporting everything we write and receive... too much for me. Remember, I'm the one who tells the telemarketing fundraisers: "I don't give by telephone." And then I'm happy when they hang up. Why should I give my credit card number to an unknown voice on the phone?

So, I don't know of any way to have an easy "no-step" or "one-step" way of checking the weather forecast.

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Mama Wombat said...

Here's the best way to do that:
1. Download Firefox.
2. Download the ForecastFox extension
And you will enjoy a superior internet surfing experience!