Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The vision test

Continuing the saga of my glasses, reading glasses...
Today was the vision test. Now, for me a vision test, at least what's imprinted in my mind, is standing in my classroom as a young kid. The teacher or school nurse drew a line, and we had to stand behind it, one after another. A chart, an eye chart, was hung on the blackboard, and we took turns reading the chart. I was never tempted to memorize what others said the letters were. There was no point to it, as I could always read it easily.

The only thing that never made any sense to me was that the kids who could read the very last line were given a note to bring to their doctor for further testing. It seemed strange, since according to my understanding, they could see the best.

PS This was in P.S. 46, Bayside, Queens, New York City

OOPS! PPS, In case you're interested, the test I took today was very different and amazes me each time, and my eyes tested the same as three years ago. The reason why I was suspecting deterioration was simply because the glasses, the lenses were so scratched I couldnlt see clearly.

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