Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Clean up! Is this what you want your children to hear?

A few days ago a friend forwarded me a letter, which she thought I'd agree with. I've received permission to post it.

Subject: does this offend you?


I have been on a one woman campaign to stop the use of "f..", "mother f..", etc, and explicit sex description in English - in programs directed at the general public and on the radio.
(have you listened to the words of the English rap songs played over the radio lately? or the background music on some television programs?) (maybe it is also in Hebrew - but luckily I don't pick up on it).

Today I blew my stack and decided to expand the war - Channel 2's morning news moderator wore a shirt with "Mother F..." printed on it in clear large letters!!!

If you see nothing wrong with this - do nothing.

I am in a constant battle with my children who think I am old fashioned and that everyone uses these words in daily conversation.
Even in the most popular children's programs (Hashir Shelanu) saying ' what d "f..."' is cool and is added in as if it is some status symbol.

Please register your feelings on this issue - very simple -

Thanks for your understanding -

Please pass this on to your lists or anyone who respects the English language!

I'm sure that the issue doesn't affect only Israel. It's part of "modern society," unfortunately. What really is the situation in other countries? I'd like to know. Is it worse here? Sometimes I think that some of the Israelis don't realize how foul and unacceptable the English in some songs is. A few months ago, I walked out of a store, because it was blasting total obscenities, and I don't shop in stores that have pornographic ads. If they are so sure that "sex sells," I want to make it clear that I'm not buying.

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