Sunday, March 26, 2006


I've been busy. It's late Saturday night, and I'm functioning. Jet lag has been gentle this time.

We're at my sister-in-law, Young Israel of Scarsdale. Managed to walk into shul, just as the rabbi was saying mazal tov, after her husband was called to the Torah.

There was the most unbelievable pink and white kiddush in honor of a baby girl born to members. Delicious! The best salads I've seen in the states; it really was more like an Israeli menu, at least the salads. Meat was American. I didn't try everythign, or I'd still be eating. I didn't touch the kugels, nor the herrings, over half a dozen kinds, nor the three colors of geffilte fish. I didn't have the pasta salad either. I did eat the chopped liver, great, reminds me of Yaakov's famous in jerusalem and Shiloh. And yes, salads, and I must admit that I tried a few of the cakes and cookies, just a few, like maybe ten out of a hundred.

It was all decorated with flowers and pink and white trees. Too bad it was Shabbat, since it deserved to be photographed.

After Shabbat I visited my parents, and now my sil came in with the dresses.


wendy said...

Sounds great!

muse said...

Oh, yes, thanks