Friday, March 31, 2006

a different "sandwich"

Yes, I'm the sandwich generation.

Last Sunday, when I was in New York for a wedding, I had fun flaunting my lofty status as great-aunt to the adorable "flower girl" who really wanted to see her aunt's wedding. I pushed my way over to the "chuppah," wedding canopy from from my front row seat and seated her on the floor, inches from the bride, to give that five-year old a perfect, unblocked view of the ceremony.

Last night, back home in Israel, I was at another wedding, that of a friends' son. There I found myself moving two chairs right to the front of the chuppah and assisting the groom's two grandmothers to sit in them for a perfect, unblocked view of the ceremony.

Baruch Hashem, Thank G-d, for the wonderful opportunities. I pray to merit seeing my own grandchildren wed and I pray to merit that they see their aunts and uncles wed. G-d willing.


~ Sarah ~ said...

nice story :)

muse said...

It's all true.