Thursday, March 23, 2006


Trying to remember all the things to do and pack.

I had better get the chicken cooking, so I can freeze it before leaving.

"Carry-on" almost finished, and room left for "Birkat Kallah," special "Bride's Prayer" my #2 made for her cousin, who's also a #2.

Also, probably room for folding bag #1 wants me to take along as extra suitcase on return. I'm not taking a suitcase with me; my husband brought most everythign.

I wore the new hat to last night's wedding.

I found the kids' voting cards which give them free bus service home to vote.

The chicken's in the oven.

Yesterday I ordered the "fruit meal' for the midnight flight.

Charity check written, as soon as chickine's finished, I'll run down, mail it and get mail.

Packing passport, ticket etc

Still must pack crocheting, 2 hats, reggae and other

I've been working, no time,


wendy said...

Whew! Exhausting! Have a safe trip!

muse said...

tomorrow's the wedding!