Sunday, March 12, 2006


I'll start with my "adventure." A female basketball group formed here in Shiloh, and I decided to joion. It's fun, and yes I'm the oldest. So, tonight was the night. We were just over half middle-aged and the others were young, the youngest being younger than my youngest. It was great fun, and even though I was probably, ok, no doubt, the worst player, I got a few baskets and even maybe a rebound, when there was nobody else in the vacinity.The adventure was actually how I got there, down a steep unlit road, even though I'm phobic about walking down steep anythings, and then I discovered that the building was surrounded by a fence, so I walked around it on a "ledge" holding real tight, until I got to an entrance. Next time I'll ask for a ride.

And due to the basketball and walking in the morning and having my 11th graders all spread out in a large room for a test and walking to help them, according to the pedometer, today I took 16,291 steps.

Now, after all that exercise, I can enjoy the Carnival of Recipes, and I suggest that you take a look at it, too.

And just a "first reminder" that I'm hosting the next Havel Havelim so start writing and send me your links.

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