Thursday, March 2, 2006

It pays to be a nudge!

I teach part-time, which is possible in Israel. Actually, I really like it that way. Thank G-d we don't need a full-time salary from me.

I never planned on having a career, other than being a mother.

Back to the story.
I have two free days, when I go to Jerusalem for "errands," a lovely euphemism for spending money. I go "swimming," OK, exercise in the water early one of the mornings, and I usually see my granddaughters on one of the afternoons for a bit. That time off gives me the energy I need to teach and not feel like I'm drowning.

Teachers where I work get called in for lots of staff meetings, since we discuss only one grade at a time; I teach three. Sometimes the meetings are after work, and sometimes on my days off. I don't like it when it's on my day off, since getting to work is rather dangerous and difficult. There's no direct public transportation, and we're carless.

I was told that I had to be at a staff meeting for yesterday, my day off. First they said that it would be in the evening. I figured I could get there from my daughter's after playing with the girls, and I told my boss that I could only if I had a guaranteed ride home. He didn't think that it would be a problem.

Then they changed the meeting, making it at 4pm, just when I was to be busy in my other job, as grandmother. I told them that it was just too inconvenient, so they said I could come an hour late. I reminded them of my condition, about needing a ride home. "Yes, yes, no problem," I heard repeatedly.

Wednesday I called the office just to check. "Well, I didn't speak to anyone for you. Call this teacher; here's his number." I called and left a message. Nothing. Then it was almost time for me to try to get a ride to the school, but before leaving I tried my boss, again. I could hear him asking around and discovering that it wasn't so simple. Finally, he said that I shouldn't go until he called with the OK.

Well, I never heard from him. I didn't have to go to the meeting, and I had a nice visit with my granddaughters. It does pay to be a nudge.

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