Monday, March 06, 2006

Step by Step

When I was in the states in January, I bought myself a present, a pedometer, to count my steps. I got the simple one for $10- in Modell's. I got a more complicated one for my son-in-law, who loves gadgets.

There's a new fitness theory that claims that 10,000 steps a day brings fitness. It's not that easy a goal to reach. I make it when I take a fitness walk with friends in the morning and then do some other walking activity. Unfortunately, that isn't everyday.

Yesterday I walked with friends, and then I went to Jerusalem and walked a lot, really. When I took off the pedometer at the end of the day it said: 20,914.

If only I could do it everyday.


wendy said...

Wow! that is so many steps! I have a pedometer, too and I have found that I pretty sedentary. If I don't go jogging I have a hard time walking over 5000 steps in a day.

muse said...

Wendy, I'd think that you'd walk more; you have little kids to catch.