Thursday, March 02, 2006

kitchen advice, for planning, renovations, etc.

I wrote this to an Israeli food list I'm on as a reply to someone's question:

"Israelis" (meaning non-Anglo Hebrew speakers) refer to any counter surfaces as "shayish" besides the marble material. They love lots of clear space for... cleaning and keeping shiny? Personally, I like to have my kitchen appliances on it, plugged and ready to work, not hidden in lower cabinets. Make sure you have lots of electric outlets over the "shayish," whether the surface is marble, granite, synthetic, stainless steel, butcher block or formica.

For easy cleaning the inside of the cabinets should be formica, and it's easy to clean the outside, too. It's a good idea to have a section with ceramic tiles, which keep the heat. I have a raised section of my "built out" kitchen table, and I put Friday night side dishes there to stay warm. Unlike almost all of the other surfaces, you can put hot pots straight from the oven on it.

I also suggest a section of counter space with legroom underneath for sitting while preparing. It's best for the back. I don't work standing up.


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