Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Trying to catch up

While I find myself fading, fading, jet-lagged and confused, I'm trying to catch up on a few things.

I can't believe that I really went to NY/NJ for the weekend. I'm not that kind of person.

The flights weren't all that bad. Maybe it helped that I started the flights with vodka and orange juice on the way over and red grapefruit juice on the way back. Then I had some white wine with the meal. Sleeping was easier.

The flight to NY/NJ was full. The woman next to me apologized in advance for making me get up frequently during the flight. She confided that she had a "bladder problem." I don't know why she was so self-conscious. She slept for hours, but I did a lot of "walking" etc. That's why I request the aisle seat, as not to destroying anyone.

I think I already wrote about that flight and how hungry I was.

I also mentioned the pink and white kiddush; I wish I had managed to taste more of the food!

Did I mention that I visited my parents Saturday night? It was ridiculous, ok, scandalous to go so far and not see them.

When we got back from Great Neck, I saw that my sister-in-law and friend were busy trying to finish the "table cards." I joined in to help of course and also managed to finish putting the tassels on the "programs." We didn't have such things in my day. People had to guess and whisper: "Who's that with the uneven hemline?" or "Can't that guy get his tie on right?" "Wow! She's that old and not married?" or "Who is that little doll?" "What a cute little girl, just the right age to be the Flower Girl." and things like that.

It's said that broken plates bring luck, the same for rain on the wedding day and even more "serious disasters." Did you know that the part of Westchester, NY where the wedding took place had an electric outage, just as the photographer was about to take the formal shots? His camera and lights didn't have a battery back-up. That wasn't the only "problem," G-d willing there's plenty of other "good luck" for them to rely on. And yes, the electricity did go on just in time.

The music was great, and I danced up a storm, making sure the younger relatives, knew my age, to make them less phobic about growing old. One of the advantages about our "separate cirlce" and line dancers. We don't have to wait to be asked by popular partners.

Then we went to NJ, where we stayed with relatives, and we left from there, first to visit Uncle Bucky, who had been hopitalized. We said good by to all. and I'm fading, fading fast...

NOw I must admit when I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

Of course my huband claims tha I never apologize to being wrong. There's a very good reason for this. I'm almost never wrong. But this time I really was. I was so certain that thousands of Israel's who have been lighting abroad would someone be willing to pay anything to vote.

...Instead, the plane was more than half empty. The "long-legged seat" by the emergency door had been reserved for us. When we arrived, the steward suggested that we "spread out," and we did, each having a row of three. Others were doing ti , too.

I got to sleep on the way home, but now my head is spinning.

Yes, I'm falling asleep, but it's too early.

I voted, wheeled Porat over to watch, but she fell a sleep.

...And that's what I out to do.

Good night!

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