Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday night before Purim

Yes it's Saturday night, but it's not Saturday night! It's just after Shabbat. We don't do anything most weeks, just take turns pounding the keyboard. There are times, like this, when we need more online computers.

Last night, right after I had lit the Shabbat candles, I realized that I hadn't taken off my pedometer, which I'm sure isn't for Shabbat. So I quickly called my son who was home to unsnap it from my skirt's waistband. He brought it to the computer, and now I must tell you that just by walking down to the grocers and doing all sorts of things in the house, by 5:20 pm I had 7,025 steps counted. So basically, even if you're just running around all confused and disorganized, like a chicken sans head, the steps get counted, and you can reach 10,000 and only break a sweat, because you're sure that you forgot to do something very important before Shabbat.

I'm not ready for Purim, and it's Monday night. I don't think I'd be ready, even if was Thursday night. I don't think I'll be ready for Purim this year at all. I have some cakes in the freezer, and I bought nosherei and bottles of wine, but my head is still stuck around the day after Chanukah. I can't be ready for Purim, since being ready for Purim means that I'm getting ready for Pesach, and Pesach is a long way off, since we're going to New York for a wedding after Purim, and we'll be back just a couple of weeks before Pesach, which always starts before it really starts. Does that make sense to you? I hope so, since I know it's right, but it doesn't make any sense to me.

And the house isn't ready for anything, certainly not holidays. The laundry is piling up and the sun has not been shining the right days and times for me to hang things out to dry. In recent years I was able to hang clothes on those folding dryers all over the house, but thank G-d, my sons have returned, sort of, home, and the rooms aren't empty, waiting for laundry. Now there are people. During the empty years I tried to give the impression that the house was full, and now I have to get used to my young men dropping in eating and leaving me laundry. That's fine. So I had better leave the keyboard for a while and get to work.

I guess I'll never finish reading all the emails. There were 74 on Yahoo waiting for me, and twenty more I had to check and lots of netvision ones, too and I didn't even open the gmail. I haven't read most of those from Friday or was it Thursday. On Friday, noon, I turned off the computer, and it stayed off until two hours ago, when Shabbat was over. Have I really been on for TWO HOURS!!!???

That's it, just a quick spell check, and toodaloo!

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