Wednesday, March 22, 2006

menu changes due to bird disease

Pesach is the poultry holiday for most of us. Eggs for cooking and even the "stab the egg" contest we have at the seder. And most of the main courses served are poultry--chicken or turkey.

And now, just now, thousands and thousands of diseased or suspected to be diseased poultry have been killed to prevent avian flu from spreading.

This is a bad time to have stopped being vegetarian.

At least I'm pretty careful about where I prepare the raw birds, other meat and fish,too, in pots, not plates nor cutting boards. Then I wash my hands with soap and launder the apron I've worn after preparing the raw meat, fish and poultry. Yes, I'm an apron person, it's sure better than wiping my hands on my clothes.

I guess we'll have to use more fish and beef. In recent years, we've used less eggs, since I no longer bake. The store-bought cakes are cheap and tasty enough. The homemade ones are too tasty, making me eat too much.


Amy W. said...

Bird flu affecting everyone's seder menus - I had not thought of that until now.

Batya said...

So far, there's still plenty at my store. I've been stocking the freezer with KP poultry already.