Wednesday, March 8, 2006

much too much time

I bet that you can guess what I'm spending "much too much time" on.
It's certainly not housework, or even cooking.
Come on, guess again, it's real easy...

...yes, its blogging and other computer "fun." Imagine, that's even without freecell, solitaire and other addicting time-wasters.

So, please excuse me. I really ought to unpack my bags from today's shopping, errands, etc. I must take out the food from the freezer, so I can cook for Shabbat tomorrow. I also have to straighten out the living-diningroom, since I'll probably be entertaining an A.P. reporter tomorrow. I used to scrub and bake for them, but now I don't.

In the meantime, you can check up on which blogs are being parodied in the Muqata. Please let me know if anyone has taken on any of mine. So, maybe you'll try. Just check with Jameel first.

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