Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Eemahot L'Maan Yisrael ELI Mothers for Israel

Please read below. Please take it very seriously. Please forward it to every address you have. PLEASE ACT ON IT !
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Eemahot L'Maan Yisrael ELI Mothers for Israel
Le'veeya (Lioness)
- an organization of mothers for unity in a secure landof Israel -

calls upon women throughout the country to unite:

We the people of Israel, presently stand at a critical juncture in our fightfor survival. The recent violent scenes of Jew versus Jew lay bare apainful split in our nation, an illness of disintegration that must behealed if we, as a people, are to endure. Like the people of Shushan before us, we confront potential obliteration, but unlike in Shushan, the enemy wenow face is us.

Women of Israel:
Just as Queen Esther took personal responsibility forsaving her people, we are compelled to do so today. Jewish women have been blessed by Hashem with an incredible internal power to affect Jewish life within our homes and without, and we are obligated to use this power to bring about Achdut - Unity, to our nation.

Therefore, as we approach Purim this year, we urge all women of Israel, of all factions, political affiliations, cultural backgrounds and religiosity, to follow Queen Esther's example, to join together as one and take action.

Specifically, we urge all women to take upon themselves the following two mitzvot of Purim with genuine and extraordinary kavanah.
Taanit Esther:
Like Queen Esther before us, we urge all women to make aspecial effort to fast on this day, and to cry out to Hashem as Esther did to bring the about the yeshua of Achdut which we so need right now.
We recommend recitation of Tehillim, and in particular, chapter 22, the chapter Queen Esther recited as she risked her life to approach King Achashverosh and plead for her people.
We suggest that in communities where this is possible, women get together for half an hour or so to say Tehilim together.
Mishloach Manot: In the spirit of "venahafoch hu", we urge all women to approach mishloah manot this year in a fundamentally different way. Specifically, we ask you to give at least two mishloach manot to individuals or families who are not in your usual religious, political and or cultural sphere. They can be people you have never met, the bus driver, the cashier at the supermarket, neighbors you have never spoken to.
Our children too,can be encouraged to give Mishlochei Manot to children less popular in their class or kids in a poor neighborhood or, in Israel, the kids from Gush Katif who this Purim are not in their familiar homes with their communities celebrating Purim the way they know.

What matters is that we use our G-d given internal powers of spirituality and connection to bridge the gaps and try and create Ahavat Yisrael on every level. And let us use our influence to activate others in this drive for unity and Ahavat Yisrael all over the globe.

We urge you to send this on to at least 5 other women and any community activists to spread the word - THIS YEAR, WE, AS WOMEN ARE GOING TO DO OUR HISHTADLUT TO BRIDGE THE GAPS AND DO AN ACT OF AHAVAT YISRAEL TO HEAL THE TEAR IN OUR NATION. May Hashem hear the cries of the women of Israel this Purim holiday, may He answer our tefillot and may He bless our efforts to restore Am Yisrael toits glory. AMEN!

The Mothers of Le'veeya
Le'veeya Purim Project - Purimachdut@gmail.com

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