Friday, March 24, 2006

quick note

The colors look different on this computer.

I landed a few hours ago, a bit of a "balagan" confusion, until I made it to my husband's aunt's and uncle's house.

I flew El Al, but most of the passengers were English speakers, lots of Christian tourists. In that sense it didn't feel like an El Al flight. Only the Hebrew announcements.

Since I no longer travel with little kids, and frequently I've gone after work, I don't schlepp nosh, food, etc along. Years ago, you could barely get a cup of water in between meals. Now, they have an "open kitchen." All the drinks, at least the juices and water are available; there were cookies and instant soup, a great one. I was hungry and tried it. During one of my summer flights there were tiny sandwiches, all you wanted.

Must get ready to go to Westchester, by public transportation, which won't be that easy.

Next time, I really must use a cell phone when I travel.


~ Sarah ~ said...

have a great time :)
shavua tov!

Batya said...

I did
I'm back
I'm exhausted