Tuesday, March 21, 2006

As if I wasn't nervous enough...

As my husband is encased in an airplane, flying between Israel and Toronto, then to Newark, NJ, I really didn't need to see this article about airlines and missing baggage.

He has most of my clothes and all of the gifts packed in his suitcase, since I'm leaving later in the week and only landing Friday morning. Since we're going for such a short time, we figured that it didn't pay to take more than one suitcase, and he was nominated to schlepp it. I did the bulk of the packing, including all of the gifts, all breakable. Please don't make me any more nervous.

The only important things I'm planning on taking in my small "carry on" is the tunic and hat I'll be wearing to Jessica's wedding. Last night I sort of finished decorating the hat, which I crocheted. Yes, my crocheting has reached that level, sort of. I can do about two and a half different stitches, and my hats, for good or for bad, look like nothing you've ever seen before, and probably you may not want to see again.

I bought the tunic a while ago and never quite found the right hat for it, though I searched and searched and bought a few hats and "accessories," which don't quite do the trick. Once I realized that I'd really be going to the wedding, I realized that the tunic's fine, but I had given up on buying a suitable hat.

First I planned on crocheting a plain black hat from "ribbon yarn" and wanted a friend to crochet a flower to be tacked on. Then as the hat began to grow it took on a life of its own, and I realized that it needed some sparkle, so I crocheted rows of holes and bought metallic "spangle" thread, and last night I finally "did it," with the help of a small safety pin.

I haven't tried it on and don't really want to know until it's too late to look for an alternative.

In the meantime, I hope that the suitcase doesn't join the statistics of "lost luggage."

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