Monday, March 06, 2006

I shouldn't have stopped my fly lady reminders

For a couple of years I was a Fly Lady follower and very active on both the Jewish and Israeli email groups. I even became a "moderator" on the Israeli list, responsible for "religious reminders," like Rosh Chodesh, Shabbat and holidays.

One of the things I adopted and still keep is remembering to wash out the glass cups for the Shabbat candles. One thing I totally fouled up this year is my "Chametz inventory."

It's just over a month before Pesach and I have much too much chametz in the house. There's no way we can finish anything. I'm so far behind in cleaning, too, but that's nothing unusual. I just can't get a handle on things.


Emah S said...

I tried getting into FLY LADY once or twice, but spent an hour or two browsing her website and reading stories of how these women got their lives so organized and clean. I realized I was spending LESS time actually doing ANYTHING! oh well, I guess I'm a FLY FAILURE!

muse said...

That's part of the process; you must get past it. I left the official flylady long before the Jewish and Israeli ones, since it was too commercial.

Shifra, The Balabusta said...

LOL! Batya, when I looked into my overflowing freezer this week (zone 2, kitchen), I thought, "Where is Batya when we need her?" since you were always the one to remind us to start using up the chometz, especially in the freezer! Am sure you'll be fine; at this point you could probably make Pesach in your sleep!
We sure do miss you at JFB, but we need your blogging more! You should go from strength to strength!
Freilachen Purim !

Batya said...

I think there used to be a "gmach" here that took some of the chametz. Big problem is that there are hardly any kids home, usually none, and we have to go to the states for a wedding, all before Pesach.

Shifra, I miss you and the group. Please send my love.