Thursday, March 09, 2006

Easiest ever hamentasch filling

Here's the easiest ever hamentasch filling, that's the sweet filling for the "stuffed triangular cookies, hamentaschen," served on the Purim holiday, or any time you wish.

Very simply combine either date spread or any jam or honey with poppy seeds until it's pretty solid.

Roll your cookie dough, I guess I'll also have to post my recipe for that, and cut large circles. I cut/shape with a large, glass coffee (beer) mug. In the middle of the circle, drop a spoon of the filling. Fold three sides, so the result is triangular, but if you just want a filled cookie, fold in half for a "half-moon," or whatever you fancy.

Ignore all those complicated instructions and recipes in all the cookbooks. Honestly it's not necessary to work so hard. This can also be used in rolled yeast cakes or rolls, etc.

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