Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CBS-- At least that's what the bus signs call it

According to the signs on the bus stops on Jerusalem streets, CBS stands for Central Bus Station. The signmakers have no idea that for some English Speakers, CBS is a TV Channel. At least it was in my day.

Now for those who don't frequent the landmark, you're missing out on a very nice little mall.

There are a variety of restaurants and snackbars.
Yes, like in all places, a turn-over in stores. I don't know what will be here.
Every spot is used for commerce. Modern Jerusalem peddlers are set up in the hallways. My grandparents didn't have it so good on the streets of New York.


Emily said...

I was blown away by the number of acronyms in common use in Israel when I was there. I'm not sure I ever would have figured out that CBS stood for Central Bus Station. It took me long enough to learn the acronyms in Hebrew, especially since it's taf"mem in most cities, but taf mem"chet in Tel Aviv (because there you go to the Tachanah Mercazit Chadashah.)

Chag Sameach!

muse said...

The army has oodles of them. It's like another language.

The crazy thing is to write them on the English signs. There's no way a tourist or a "ghetto-living" English speaker will know what they are.