Thursday, September 6, 2007

Welcome Clouds

Of course within a month or two I'll be feeling very differently about the weather. Right now these clouds are very welcome, and I know that the sun will chase them out of the sky before the morning's over.

In Israel there are only two seasons, with the shortest, and sometimes the most peculiar of transitions.

Summer is summer; hot and cloudless. Dry in the mountains and humid on the coast.

The past few years, I've found that the constant heat and strong sun have sapped my strength.

This morning, just a week before Rosh Hashannah, the sky was filled with clouds, winter-like clouds, practicing before their annual debut.

Look at the "coming attractions" which remind us that winter is going to come soon, with a bang, a clap of thunder and flashes of lightening.

Then I'll start kvetching and ranting about the cold. I'll try to hold my tongue and keep my fingers from typing complaints about the rain. It only rains here in the winter, and if we don't have enough rain, it's a danger, a punishment for our sins, our ungratefulness to G-d's wonders and mercies.

Shannah Tovah
Have a Good Year



I prefer rain over snow, that's for sure!!
What an interesting way to approach it..I'll have to remember that when winter hits us here in Illinois, USA..that it's supposed to be this way-from G-d.
L'Shana Tovah!

muse said...

I prefer spring and fall, when it's neither too hot nor too cold.

Crusty, Living in the Holy Land, it's easier to feel G-d's control over things.