Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ta'anit The Fast of Esther

That means:
  • no water
  • no coffee
  • no noshing
  • no food, healthy or not

It's a "short fast" today. Just from the first light of dawn until darkness.

Last night I turned off my alarm and decided to "sleep late." Usually I'm up very early 5-5:30am. I drink a lot of water and then a lot of yummy coffee, and then "eliminate." And yes, while doing that, I'm on the computer. Only after all that do I shower, get dressed, doven (say morning prayers) and start my day.

Today I felt myself waking up, but didn't have to move, since the alarm was off. I fell back to sleep and finally got up just before 8, which is when I'm usually going off the computer and doing stage 2 of my morning. So I started with stage 2.

I'll start cooking soon. Must get ready for Purim.

I used to make homemade pizza and vegetable soup for breaking the fast, but now I just make the soup. I'll make enough for the the Purim feasts and Mishloach Manot. I also have some mushy bananas just aching to be made into a cake.

Isn't it terrible that I have to spend a fast day involved with food?


Leora said...

Soup sounds good.

Me, too, also dealing with food today! More shopping than preparing, but I'll have a lot less time tomorrow to get ready for Shabbat. You at least get to have your Seudah on Sunday; more sane.

Batya said...

leora, we have two days of feasting. That means that this year they are on Friday and Sunday.

Shiloh is one of the "safek," doubt places. It's rather complicated.