Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Afternoon In Jerusalem

Yesterday I ended up not having to teach. My students all had important tests in other subjects.

So I called my friend and we decided to meet for lunch. We went to the Anna Ticho Museum Restaurant.

Being as it was birthday week, and I'm a restaurant "member," I had been sent a coupon for a free dessert, as long as I bought a meal. It was a great piece of cheese cake a piece of great cheese cake. Unlike most of the cheese cake I've sampled in recent years, this didn't have that awful gelatin taste/feel/texture.

The only downside of the meal was that the WC stank. I was in shock, kept thinking that I had imagined it. It smelled like an old subway public toilet, the type that stinks up the whole area. Yes, that bad.

After eating we decided to do the tourist thing and went to the Psalm Museum in the same area.
There are pictures to illustrate all 150 chapters of T'hillim Psalms. They're all painted by the same person, Moshe Tzvi Berger.


Leora said...

Now, there's a place I am going to have to make my family go to! I love Anna Ticho's art. I'm glad the food is good at the restaurant. Thanks for the WC warning. Maybe we'll check out the Psalm Museum, too.

muse said...

It never smelled before, and I've been there many times.
The Rav Kook Museum is also in the same complex.

frumhouse said...

Beautiful pictures! What a lovely day (aside from the stinky bathroom!).

muse said...

Thanks, it's such a lovely little spot in downtown Jerusalem. Much nicer than going to a mall.