Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2 Cents Oops! Shekels

A few months ago, Israel announced a new coin, a 2 shekel one. Soon after, I received one with change I had gotten. Yesterday, when I was looking for money to pay the big ns2.80 (maybe 75 cents at today's rate, I'm guessing not calculating) from Givat Asaf, the T Junction to Beit El to Beit El. I was lucky

I was lucky; the bus was late. Usually I "just miss it." The buses aren't coordinated. If I only wanted to travel by bus it would take me almost two hours to get to work, a trip of under 30 minutes, if driven door to door.
Back to the new coin, before I gave it to the driver, I took a picture. It's next to the "button-like" one shekel coin. I haven't gotten one of the new plastic twenty shekel bills yet. They don't look different from the paper ones. People say that if you leave it in your pocket and wash the clothes, the money will be fine...


Ben-Yehudah said...


The 20 sheqqel note is supposed to be rip-proof, too. I wasn't willing to try it out, though. It also has a transparent piece in the star of David you can look through.

muse said...

Those new bills will give money laundering a totally new meaning. No surprise that they are one of Olmert's accomplishments.