Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yenta and Megillah

I don't think there's really any similarity between the two, but I do want to finish blogging before the virus check kicks in. It slows everything down and it's the perfect way to discipline myself and reduce computer time.

#1 What could be more important than starting new families, finding spouses for those who want to marry? Sometimes the only thing to do is to pray, and there are groups organizing to pray for Jewish matches. The entire 150 chapter T'hillim, Psalms, are divided among 40 people who say their share on the first day of the Jewish Month mentioning all the names in their list. If you want more information look here.

#2 Check out the latest Gantseh Megillah. There is a great variety of articles. I appreciate that Michael includes mine, even though he very frequently does not agree with what I've written.

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