Sunday, May 25, 2008


The latest Havel Havelim was just posted at Frume Sarah’s World, which reminds me that I had better get cracking and finish the Kosher Cooking Carnival, (this link is the last one I hosted.) Usually I'm finished by now.

I guess I'm a bissel out of practice. I was also totally zonked today after going to bed late after the trip back from Efrat via Jerusalem. The bus was so full; the aisle was more crowded than a sardine can. I couldn't fall asleep last night. Today I slept a little later than usual, and then mid-morning my friend came over and we sweated to the oldies.

Since Jack took over HH, there are lots of new hosts and hostesses. And of course lots of bloggers I'm not all that familiar with. Take a look.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout!!! I enjoyed getting to read bloggers that I don't always get to on a regular basis. And it is always good to read people whose political views differ from mine.

Leora said...

more crowded than a sardine can
Great metaphor! I can see a bus of sardines...

Looking forward to Kosher Cooking Carnival.

Batya said...

rivster, thank you, really!
leora, that bus driver was something, must blog about it

Jack Steiner said...

I have been lucky to have had a number of new hosts and hostess approach me.

Part of the fun is seeing who they include in the round up.

Batya said...

and now the latest KCC is up