Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"Adventures in America, Summer 2011, #4, Being "Groped" in The Hospital

I ended up having a "cousins club meeting" in a Long Island hospital.  I don't know if the other people in the waiting room appreciated our sense of humor.  Actually, there were cousins from both sides, all who loved to joke around.

And the "groping" incident.  It even put a smile on the face of the person we were visiting. 

He was in a room for people awaiting and recovering from simple procedures and tests.  The beds were separated by curtains, and no matter where I stood, people on the other side kept touching me.  It certainly wasn't the sort of "hospital grope" one could report or even would want to.  There was nothing sexual or intentional.

The staff also totally misinterpreted all the relationships etc giving us more to laugh about.

Let's wish refuah shleimah, complete recovery to all who need it.

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