Monday, July 25, 2011

HH, The More The Merrier

I just love these sorts of surprises.  Because of some foul-ups/malfunctions in blog carnival the free service that collects and sends links to blog posts for blog carnivals like Havel Havelim, The Kosher Cooking Carnival and JPIX, there was no HH last week.  Yesterday, Susan posted a "make-up" edition and now Ya'aqov has posted another "make-up edition."  Instead of one or none we now have two!

So check out Ya'aqov's Havel Havelim and Susan's if you haven't gotten to it. 

All the information for participating and hosting is in both.

As Ya'aqov mentioned, there will be a big "tweet-up" in Jerusalem's best kosher sports bar & grill, HaGov, 5 Yoel Solomon St., 7-10pm, on Wednesday so we can f2f with Hadassa and  William Daroff.  Actually, although my blog posts tweet, I'm not in the scene.  I don't travel with that sort of equipment. 

It seems like there will never be an official "third international Jewish bloggers convention."  With Twitter and Facebook many bloggers are in touch and actually blog less.  There will be quite a number of bloggers at HaGov on Wednesday.  So if you want to f2f, meet us in person, then come.   PS the food is great!

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