Monday, July 25, 2011

Please Help Through Israeli Bureaucracy

Well-known jblogger Lady-Light of Tikkun Olam is here in Israel trying to help her daughter who is now physically handicapped and in constant pain ever since being hit by a car when doing guard duty.  The story of Nechama Tzippora bat Ora Tova's RSD is chronicled in their blogs.

This morning I had a long talk with Lady-Light and tried to help her find ways to get her daughter into the proper Israeli system to get all the medical and financial help someone with RSD needs G-d willing to be cured or at least function.  Unfortunately, her daughter had worked for a private company and not the government.  The private security companies do not take good care of their workers.  Also, in Israel there isn't the American legal precedent "custom" of awarding enormous financial packages as compensation.  But there are things that Israelis can and should get by law, and that does include what she needs.

If anyone knows more about how to get into the system, please email lady-light.  Thanks


Anonymous said...

as this was a work accident - "te'unat avoda" - she should be taken care of by bituach leumi. is she connected to them?

Batya said...

partially and insufficiently