Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kosher in AZ (Arizona)

I managed pretty well, food-wise, this visit to my sister in Tempe (Phoenix) Arizona.  Armed (supplied) with a good pot, cutting board and knife I was able to cook in her kitchen at least once a day.  I didn't have to live on fruit and nuts.  It certainly helped to be invited for Shabbat and have my friend's delicious food.

You should know that the Phoenix-Tempe-Scottsdale area also has a few kosher restaurants.  Even though I certainly hadn't been starving, after eating so much home-cooking, in principle I consider it important to patronize kosher businesses.  That's one of the reasons I suggested to my sister that I take her and her husband out for dinner.  (In the end my brother-in-law grabbed the check but promised that we'd get our chance in Israel.)

My sister and I did some internet searches and discovered the Mozart Cafe.  I called first and asked if they were really a kosher restaurant.  It wasn't the first one we had called.  That one had replied "kosher style" and got deleted from our list.  "Mozart" sounded amused by the question.  No doubt, I'm not the first to have asked.  We received travel directions and went later that evening, before I took the red-eye to New York.

We eventually found the restaurant, went in, checked the menu and ordered.  My sister and I ordered salmon and vegetables, while my brother-in-law took the vegetable lasagna.  My sister and I started with a salad.

The food was delicious, everything!  It's definitely a restaurant good enough for all, not just for those who only eat kosher food.

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