Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011Adventures in America, Summer 2011, #7, Hanging Out in AZ

I've been enjoying my time in Arizona, at my sister's, seeing my parents, and now with friends for the weekend.  I had a nice relaxing Shabbat and now we'll be off touring.  That's a bonus, an unplanned surprise.  G-d willing I'll write more about it later.

AZ is so different from Israel.  Phoenix is enormous, and the Great Phoenix area is close to the size of Israel, at least Judea-Samaria and the coast combined.  Without a car, you just can't survive here.  They also have a lightrail which cost a fortune.  Few people use it.  Actually my brother-in-law is in that exclusive club, because there's a station by their house and it goes to his office.

More later...

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