Saturday, July 23, 2011

Indian Kosher Food in New York

Friends took us out to Dakshin, 1154 1st Ave Corner Of 63st on the East Side of New York.  They had found it by chance after visiting some nearby hospitals.

At first I liked the food.

Then, some point during the main course I began to feel that I had eaten too much salt.  I'm not a salt-lover.  Everyone else loved the food. 

It's a meat restaurant, unusual for an Indian one.  But considering that it's for Jews, no big surprise.


Leora said...

Looks like I would enjoy it - if they have whole grain rice.

One of my friends here who is Indian (and Jewish) serves spicy food. She can eat a whole lot of it; the rest of us just taste bits and then say please pass the water.

Batya said...

I don't remember about the rice, becuase I try to stay away and I love brown rice.