Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Bus Stop- Good News vs Bad News

We (the Mate Binyamin/Shomron) bus travellers have a new bus stop.  It is good news for some, but the reason for it is bad news.  In order to alleviate the crowded departure area in Jerusalem's Central Bus Station, some of our buses will only be leaving from this new stop.  It's about a kilometer from the bus station, so if someone goes to the Egged CBS, they either have to take a long walk or another bus to catch the bus.  Yes, of course that means that they'll miss the bus they had planned on taking.

It's across from the "Ganei Geula" housing development, by the corner of Yermiyahu and Bar Ilan, near Shamgar.  Maybe the pictures will help you figure out where it is:

It's not a pleasant place to wait, nor is there enough room when two or three buses arrive at once.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Drat; that sounds like a hassle - though perhaps you haven't adequately conveyed the "good news"?

Pesky Settler said...

That's going to be a right PITA during the winter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info, I wasn't following all the talk about this on the Shilo e-mail. Any chance you can post a schedule of which busses leave from where?

Batya said...

Jennifer, some people may find it a very convenient stop.

Yehudit, Pesky read the Egged schedule very carefully to figure it out. From what I understand it affects some morning and afternoon buses, like those leaving jm 5-6pm. You can catch the bus at other stops, too, but the cbs is now less reliable.