Saturday, April 07, 2012

Recycling in Shiloh, Garbage Sorting

Garbage collection is different all over the world.  When my father was living with us, he'd ask about the big green "frogs," as they're referred to in Hebrew, scattered around our Shiloh neighborhood.  I'd explain that they're for garbage.  During the time he lived with us, we also got a large receptacle in the neighborhood for plastics, the first recycling location in Shiloh.

He was used to each house having a number of "garbage cans." Each garbage can, color-coded, was for a different type of garbage.  There was one for paper and plastic and one for everything else.  Since there were raccoons and cats or whatever that were attracted to the garbage, my parents had to be very careful how they closed the cans.  There were special spring locks the animals couldn't open.  The problem was that my elderly parents also had trouble with them, too. 

They also had to remember the garbage pickup schedule and remember to have the correct bin in the front of the house or it wouldn't get emptied.

Our garbage routine is easier.  The containers are in central locations, so we don't have to store the garbage and move around large bins.

Not long ago, paper and carton recycling containers were put near the plastic one.  And now some neighbors set up large bags for tin and metal to be recycled.

Can you guess who had just dumped those coffee tins?


Haul it Louisville Guy said...

I think it would be better and easier on everyone if we all just had one garbage bin and one recycling bin.The easier it is the more people that will particpate

Batya said...

With just one bin, someone would have to separate they types. Ours are set up together. In my neighborhood they are convenient, not far from my house, the center of the neighborhood, and there are more near the grocery store.