Monday, April 30, 2012

Life's A "Magic Mystery Tour"

Yesterday was one of those well-planned days that didn't quite go as planned, but no complaints.  I really think life is a "magic mystery tour" planned by G-d with secret and surprising itineraries.  It's up to us how we react to the unexpected.  We can kvetch and rant or just hold onto our hats and let it take us to wherever...

Yesterday I held onto my hat with a big smile, like some kid in an amusement park.  When you have no control over things, it's so much better just to enjoy, like dance improvisation, my most favorite part of Creative Dance, at least the way I used to teach it.

I'm not going to go into details about all my plans and how they didn't quite pan out, but by deciding that whatever happened was the best possible result I had a great time, really.

To give you a taste, I had planned my day to suit two rides from neighbors, one to Jerusalem and one back home to Shiloh.  Since the ride to Jerusalem left later than expected I managed to do my nails and other important chores.  And since the way I had planned to get to the ride home couldn't work out, I had to figure out another spot to meet her.  I decided on the bus stop in Pisgat Zeev, near the traffic lights.  I got there a bit early and while I was trying to let her know where to find me, suddenly my daughter pulled up on her way home to Ofra.  We had a fantastic unplanned visit.  Then when I got off at Ofra, I saw a young (almost everyone is younger than I am) neighbor waiting for a ride, too.  She greeted me with:

"I hope you'll bring us luck."

And a second later a ride came that dropped us off at the main Shiloh Junction.  A second after that another ride came that dropped us off at the Shvut Rachel-Shiloh Junction where a number of people were waiting and the winds were blowing. 

"Let's walk," she suggested; so we did.
We talked, catching up on family news, the entire way from Ofra until we parted company at the Shiloh Park.  I hardly took a dozen steps up the hill when another ride came and took me home. 

That certainly wasn't the day I had planned, but it was great.

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