Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pre-Passover Pictures

My house, ok-the kitchen, is almost ready for Passover.  Last night my husband and I pulled down and up all the dishes, pots etc, so the kitchen closets are done.  Th is morning I was able to perc my coffee in the Pesach Percolator, a simple aluminium stove-top one.  The coffee comes out strong and hot, which is all that counts.

Today, I'll send him off with bread banished from the freezer. 

There's not much to eat here.

There's still more to cover.

At least I put back all the fridge shelves. 

And now on with my day.


Sandra in London said...

How do you know it's Pesach, anywhere in the world......eggs by the dozens and tin foil!!!

Batya said...

Yes, Sandra, thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

On this subject I am a chassid of R'Aviner SHLITA whם came out with a pamphlet a few years ago explaining that there is no reason to spend more than three hours total(!!) "making Pesach.כמו שאמרו אבותינו-אבק זה לא חמץ והילדים הם לא קרבן פסח!

Batya said...

I've read Rav Aviner's instructions, which aren't totally relevant for all. First he bases it on a very clean orderly home. He also doesn't take into account that some of us must empty closets or they're won't be room for Passover dishes etc.

But he's right that most people overdo the cleaning. I don't do windows. When my kids were still at home and big enough to clean they did it and enjoyed doing it.